Time Capsule Ceremony at Blackridge Primary School

Local school children have left a fascinating insight into their lives for future generations.Pupils at Blackridge Primary School were set the challenge to fill special time capsules, to be buried underneath their £1.1 million new school extension, which is currently under construction.

Pupils from every class from Nursery to Primary 7 was involved in filling the time capsules with various objects such as class photographs, drawings, stamps, coins, pieces of writing and catalogue clippings of technology items.

Livingston-based Maxi Construction prepared a special site under what will become the new sports hall for the time capsules, with pupils from each year group dropping in their capsules containing a special piece of local history.


Blackridge Head Teacher Julie Ross said: “The whole school enjoyed the time capsule project, with a lot of pupils of all ages very enthusiastic about what was going in the capsules.

“The new extension is a great opportunity to take learning out of the classrooms, and the time capsule is a fun way to help children understand more about time, history and the future.  We hope the time capsules will give future generations a fascinating insight into the lives of Blackridge children in 2016 when they are opened.”